Tuesday, 28 April 2009

A truly fantastic moving moment

"Amazing, a truly fantastic moving moment when I met Michel, the little girl I sponsor. A trip to her village with the team from Helping one day & a visit to Alex Nursery a few days later. I couldn't believe how happy & appreciative both Michel & her mother were. It just proves what a pleasure it is for me to help these people in whatever way I can, and the benefit I got from this visit far outweighs the small monthly payment I give.
Certainly we will be doing fund raising for this cause in the future & I can't wait to go back to Gambia, to see them again."


Sunday, 26 April 2009

Heartfelt experience of my life

Having been very fortunate to be taken to Jinack by Margaret and Chris to meet my sponsored child Adama,this was the most rewarding and heartfelt experience of my life, it was so good to see how a child benefits form being sponsored and wonderful to actually meet Adama and her family. Having seen the poverty there but also the gratitude and the welcome we received has made me realise how worthwhile sponsoring a child is and I am looking forward to returning to Jinack.

Lyn of Bromham

Friday, 3 April 2009

You feel part of their family

Actually meeting the sponsored children in real life is truly amazing, they are always very excited to see you and love to receive the 'goodies' you've managed to take for them. We were especially pleased to meet their parents who are without doubt very thankfull for your continuing help.

Their homes are extremely basic but whatever they have they share with you. You get a sense of amazement on their part that you've actually bothered to help and visit them, lots of hugs and laughter. You're made to feel like the Queen!

It is both humbling and inspiring and certainly puts your life in perspective. We have learned so much from the people of this small country and always look forward to returning every year to see how the children have grown. You feel part of their family.

Thursday, 2 April 2009

It's an eye-opening experience

It's an eye-opening experience and makes us realise what a difference such a small donation can make to a child, not just now but for their future. In spite of all their hardships, the children and their families are so pleased to welcome us into their compounds where they live and are so grateful for the help they are given. The only problem is that we want to visit every year so see how our children have grown and developed.

David B. Herts

Visiting my Sponsored Boys in The Gambia

I am 65 years old and last year I went to The Gambia with my Nephew Sam 15 yrs.old
We went out to meet my 2 Sponsored Boys of 21 and 22 and Sam's girl and boy that he sponsored.

We had the most amazing time, meeting up with our children giving them their gifts and bags of Rice.
We also did the same for other children, sponsored by other members of our Family and also Friends.
We visited some at their Nursery/School others we visited at their Compound.

So we were seeing classroom's and teacher' and methods of teaching, also had Pictures given us drawn and coloured by the children.
We handed out Pens/Pencil's and lollie's to every child, we were also giving out Footballls (Donated to us by Johnson Diversey).
We also threw out of the Landrover, all of the above as we were passing children in small villages etc. along the way.
Hello all,

We gave packets of Vegetable Seeds to various School's/Nurseries, this helps to supplement the children lunches.
Some of the children we met had not eaten for days.
Can you imagine how dreadful that is.

We gave lifts to children along the way as well, some of them walk miles to get to School.

We made loads of Friends in The Gambia, I have never had so many children all trying to hold my hand.
We had loads of hugs and Kisses from Mum's, Dad's and Grandparents, who are so pleased that we are helping their children.
The Love extended to us and the Happiness we felt was unbeleivable.

The most wonderful experience ever in my Life.

I loved it so much I am going again this Friday 3rd. April 09 along with my Husband, two Sisters and their Husbands and of course
my beloved Nephew Sam.

Sam has now taken a Saturday job to pay for his two sponsored children, who are 8 and 6 yrs old, Sam is 16 years old.
We all love Sponsoring and supporting "HELPING", a brilliant addition to our lives, it makes us very fullfilled.

Everyone should go to The Gambia, you will never regret having the most wonderful experience doing it.
So much to see and experience, I could probably write a book.

"HELPING" is the best ever Charity, no raised funds taken for Admin, or anything, I know where my money goes to feed the children, I have seen it. I have personally given out gifts etc. which have been shipped over.Everything given to "HELPING" is given to the children or in Building Schools/Nurseries and other Projects.
I have given loads to other charitie's and have no idea, where the money has been spent.

Must go, Have to finish my packing.

Jackie M.

My family are sponsoring 3 children and soon will be adding another 1 or 2.

This is arranged by Sarjor(a Gambian who works for the charity and as a guide at the Atlantic hotel) on a day that is convenient for both of us. The charity Landrover comes to pick us up from whichever hotel we are staying at.
First stop is always to get petrol,which I pay for.
I have usually visited the children at home.They are ready and waiting and other families in the compound take a great interest in these new visitors.I bring clothes books and a few toys.To be honest these families have nothing and are grateful for whatever we bring.
I also bring small"party bag" toys for other children in the compound(balloons, McDonalds toys,blow bubbles etc).
I have once collected a child from school where they were performing a nativity play,that was interesting to watch!
The children were understandably shy at first but become more confident with subsequent visits.I am also getting more idea about individual needs.
I shall be seeing them again in June.

My advice to anyone hesitating is to go and visit.It's worthwhile and rewarding.
It's also an eyeopener and makes you realise just how much we take for granted in the West.

Claire H.